“Phenomenal Defense Lawyer! Mr. Short had the confidence to intelligently review the facts and circumstances of my case and craft a comprehensive legal strategy to yield the desired results without compromising his ethical and moral obligation. His interpersonal and public speaking skills were extraordinary and on parade; demonstrating a rare ability to articulate the truths of my case in a clear and concise manner before the Chesapeake J & DR Courts earning an unprecedented favorable ruling (dismissal). Mr. Short’s due diligence and commitment to my case far exceeded my expectation of a presumably straight-forward and seemingly incontestable Assault & Battery charge.

The Law Firm of James E. Short, PLC is principally responsible for preserving my military career as a senior Naval Officer with over 20 years of faithful and honorable service threaten by force retirement. An amazing feat and noteworthy accomplishment!

As such, I am unhesitant in recommending Mr. Short as your clear first-choice! His successes and diverse background showcases the unique skill set incumbent of a trustworthy Defense Attorney capable representing a myriad of clients, military or civilian in need of reliable legal representation.”

DLR – Chesapeake, VA