“Excellent Attorney – look no further!

If you are reading this, you are probably trying to choose a lawyer out of a sea of lawyers. I was in your position in December of 2014. How do you know who to choose? Well – quite simply unless you know someone who has had a similar legal issue, you probably have to rely on gut feeling and reviews. Let me try to help you with your decision.

Mr. Short is an accomplished attorney. He is honest, reliable, straightforward and caring. He represented me in a recent DUI case and throughout the entire process, there were never any surprises. He met with me (in person) several times to discuss my case and even had the consideration to phone me on numerous occasions to check to see if all of my concerns were being met. Mr. Short is not a one-man show. His assistant (Karen) ALWAYS acted/reacted professionally, and her steadfast reliability ensured communications remained smooth throughout the entire process.

Mr. Short carefully listened to my side of the case and presented all options while explaining the law in a way that I could understand. Prior to my court date, Mr. Short and I met (again) and reviewed all the applicable information. On the day the case was presented to the court (30 March 2015), Mr. Short arrived early. He provided me with additional excellent guidance and advice. He then met with the prosecutor to further discuss my situation. He also spoke with the witnesses and (involved) police so that he would be fully prepared to defend me. Thankfully, Mr. Short was able to convince the prosecutor to drop some of the charges against me.

I was completely happy with Mr. Short’s performance and if any of my friends need legal representation, I will wholeheartedly recommend him.”