“When faced with the heartbreaking decision to file for divorce, I had no idea what steps to take or who to turn to. After calling three different law offices that I found on the Internet, I discovered the office of Mr. James E. Short. The previous attempts to find an attorney had been unpleasant because I had to relate my story to paralegals that never seemed to care. Nor did I get calls back from the attorneys as promised. The bottom line was always about the money. This was not the case with Mr. Short.”

Mr. Short spoke to me directly, listened intently to my story, and asked important questions. His compassion and concern were immediately felt, so I chose him as my attorney. Over the next eighteen months, Mr. Short became a trusted voice that helped me through some difficult times. He kept me focused on what was important and helped me to make smart decisions. His staff was always prompt to respond and willing to assist. There were a couple of moments where I really don’t know what I would have done if Mr. Short had not been there to keep me on course. His advice was always spot on. Mr. Short was always the utmost professional but yet personable. In the end, I am grateful that I found him and have no problems referring him as an outstanding attorney. He is a good man.”

Robert O.