My son was charged with Reckless Driving-Speeding and Racing. This was the first time he has ever been in any trouble therefore I didn’t know how to pick a Lawyer. I found Mr. Short online and decided to pick him due to all the positive reviews I read. I can honestly say that the reviews were all true. He told us the truth and he made this a very easy process. He took time to learn about my son and our family. He stayed in contact with us leading up to court and checked on my son a few days after court.

I noticed after the court cases ended, clients went one way and Attorneys the other, but not Mr. Short. He stayed with us until we were finished at the Clerks desk and was ready to exit the building. This is not just a job for him. He truly cares about his clients. If you are looking for an Attorney who is not in it just for the money and really cares about his clients, then Mr. Short is your man.

Debbie D

Thank you James Short for your expert and timely legal advice on a very time constrained and emergent issue affecting the last wishes of a beloved family member. As a result of James Short’s efforts, we were successful in establishing the required documentation on schedule to meet our legal needs. Our experiences with James Short and his expert staff has always resulted in high quality legal representation!

LK – Chesapeake, VA

In looking for an attorney to secure legal guardianship for my son, I interviewed 5 legal firms and was most satisfied with the contact with you and your Legal Assistant, Ms. Karen Reel. I retained your firm and am most pleased with the results. ln particular I was impressed with the timely and professional manner in which the task was accomplished. During the process I very much appreciate the council and advice you provided and the assistance of Ms. Reel.

Thank you for sending the statement of Professional Services Rendered. The cost was certainly a bargain, especially considering the excellence of the services provided.

In the future if I have need for legal services in eastern Virginia, I will certainly request your help again. Also, I will highly recommend your law firm to family and friends who need legal assistance.


Mr. Short made an otherwise bewildering situation much less chaotic.

Charlotte M. – Chesapeake, VA

If you are looking for a good, dependable, open and honest lawyer, look no further. When I met Mr. Short he was very professional and explained everything up front and what I was facing. With his hard work, Mr. Short got my DUI charge reduced to Reckless Driving. I highly recommend Mr. Short for your lawyer. Thank you Mr. Short!

Eric F. – Chesapeake, VA

Phenomenal Defense Lawyer! Mr. Short had the confidence to intelligently review the facts and circumstances of my case and craft a comprehensive legal strategy to yield the desired results without compromising his ethical and moral obligation. His interpersonal and public speaking skills were extraordinary and on parade; demonstrating a rare ability to articulate the truths of my case in a clear and concise manner before the Chesapeake J & DR Courts earning an unprecedented favorable ruling (dismissal). Mr. Short’s due diligence and commitment to my case far exceeded my expectation of a presumably straight-forward and seemingly incontestable Assault & Battery charge.

The Law Firm of James E. Short, PLC is principally responsible for preserving my military career as a senior Naval Officer with over 20 years of faithful and honorable service threaten by force retirement. An amazing feat and noteworthy accomplishment!

As such, I am unhesitant in recommending Mr. Short as your clear first-choice! His successes and diverse background showcases the unique skill set incumbent of a trustworthy Defense Attorney capable representing a myriad of clients, military or civilian in need of reliable legal representation.

DLR – Chesapeake, VA

James Short is a very organized and dedicated attorney. He returns phone calls promptly and gets correspondences out on time. He makes you feel very comfortable in difficult circumstances.

Rosemary A. – Portsmouth, VA

Excellent Attorney – look no further!

If you are reading this, you are probably trying to choose a lawyer out of a sea of lawyers. I was in your position in December of 2014. How do you know who to choose? Well – quite simply unless you know someone who has had a similar legal issue, you probably have to rely on gut feeling and reviews. Let me try to help you with your decision.

Mr. Short is an accomplished attorney. He is honest, reliable, straightforward and caring. He represented me in a recent DUI case and throughout the entire process there were never any surprises. He met with me (in person) several times to discuss my case and even had the consideration to phone me on numerous occasions to check to see if all of my concerns were being met. Mr. Short is not a one man show. His assistant (Karen) ALWAYS acted/reacted professionally, and her steadfast reliability ensured communications remained smooth throughout the entire process.

Mr. Short carefully listened to my side of the case and presented all options while explaining the law in a way that I could understand. Prior to my court date, Mr. Short and I met (again) and reviewed all the applicable information. On the day the case was presented to the court (30 March 2015), Mr. Short arrived early. He provided me with additional excellent guidance and advice. He then met with the prosecutor to further discuss my situation. He also spoke with the witnesses and (involved) police so that he would be fully prepared to defend me. Thankfully, Mr. Short was able to convince the prosecutor to drop some of the charges against me.

I was completely happy with Mr. Short’s performance and if any of my friends need legal representation, I will whole heartedly recommend him.


When faced with the heartbreaking decision to file for divorce, I had no idea what steps to take or who to turn to. After calling three different law offices that I found on the Internet, I discovered the office of Mr. James E. Short. The previous attempts to find an attorney had been unpleasant because I had to relate my story to paralegals that never seemed to care. Nor did I get calls back from the attorneys as promised. The bottom line was always about the money. This was not the case with Mr. Short.”

“Mr. Short spoke to me directly, listened intently to my story and asked important questions. His compassion and concern were immediately felt, so I chose him as my attorney. Over the next eighteen months, Mr. Short became a trusted voice that helped me through some difficult times. He kept me focused on what was important and helped me to make smart decisions. His staff was always prompt to respond and willing to assist. There were a couple of moments where I really don’t know what I would have done if Mr. Short had not been there to keep me on course. His advice was always spot on. Mr. Short was always the utmost professional but yet personable. In the end, I am grateful that I found him and have no problems referring him as an outstanding attorney. He is a good man.

Robert O.

he decision to contact James Short’s office regarding my Social Security Disability claim was the best decision that I ever made. H supported me during the most difficult time in my life. His expertise and guidance were unmatched and very much appreciated. I believe that it was a direct result of his efforts to my case that it was finally approved by the Administrative Law Judge. He was sympathetic to my case and provided wise counsel for which I will be forever grateful. I will continue to highly recommend him to those in need of his services.

Vicki D. – Chesapeake, VA

I have never had an attorney work harder for me than James Short. The dedication he showed towards my case was much appreciated. He always answered my calls in a timely manner and kept me routinely updated. He was always professional, ethical, and understanding to my needs and I felt that he had my best interest as a priority. I always trusted Mr. Short’s opinion and recommendations and had complete faith in his decisions regarding my case. I believe that his fees were fair and reasonable and he consistently kept me apprised of costs that were incurred. He has a very professional and knowledgeable staff who I felt cared about me as a person as well as a client. My faith in the legal profession was truly affirmed working with Mr. Short and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance.

Barry Sawyer – Florida

I feel that I made a great decision in hiring Mr. Short to represent me in my divorce. He was professional, compassionate and knowledgeable. He was diligent in preparing for my case and did not underestimate the opposition.

Horace W. – Virginia Beach, Virginia